Ben Lilley

I’m an MS student at Oregon State. I grew up in Oregon, but studied mechanical engineering and physics for my undergraduate degrees in other states (WA and MO). I’ve also spent time in the New England area and in North Carolina. You can reach me at


My research involves using the REBUS and MC2 code packages to model depletion in fast reactors to identify key nuclear reaction cross sections that contribute most to the uncertainty in parameters like the multiplication factor at end of burnup.

The initial work in this area was done by Williams in 1979 (Development of Depletion Perturbation Theory for Coupled Neutron/Nuclide Fields). This work was further developed by Takeda and Umano in 1985 (Burnup Sensitivity Analysis in a Fast Breeder Reactor) and then Yang and Downar in 1988 (Generalized Perturbation Theory for Constant Power Core Depletion).

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Personal interests

I’m fundamentally concerned about climate change and its effect on human health and biodiversity. That’s why I’m studying nuclear engineering. I also bike instead of drive (even cross-country). Additionally, I’ve done some blogging about energy issues.