Aaron James Reynolds



I am a graduate student working in the Radiation Transport and Reactor Physics group at Oregon State University. I focus on the development of computational tools for Molten Salt Reactors. Dr. Todd S. Palmer is my advisor.

Research Interests

Molten salt reactors (MSRs) are a class of next-generation reactor concepts that benefits from a large negative temperature coefficient of reactivity, on-line refueling and fission-product removal, and elimination of costly fuel fabrication.

In one branch of MSR concepts, fissile fuel is mixed throughout a circulating molten salt coolant, creating a fluid-fuel mixture. In a fluid-fuel system, delayed neutron precursors can move from the location of the initiating fission event before decaying. This can significantly affect the criticality and design of a system. Current modeling software is oriented towards solid-fuel designs and cannot properly model this phenomenon. Similarly, current modeling software cannot properly model on-line refueling and fission-product removal. This motivates the development of multiscale, multiphysics computational methods and tools which can.

My research develops such tools, facilitated by the the use of nodal quasi-diffusion methods.

Other Interests

I am a self-published singer-songwriter whose neighbors have learned to tolerate the guitar, banjo, and harmonica. I’m also an avid runner, reader, and amateur watchmaker.